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Russian sturgeon caviar
Black caviar - Чорна ікра
Russian sturgeon caviar
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Weight, gr 100

Peculiarities of our caviar

We offer only top-quality sturgeon caviar. Our caviar is produced with care, ensuring no harm to our fish or fish stock. The crystal-clear water of the Southern Bug River, a natural seafood diet, and a non-invasive extraction process make our caviar true black gold. And we must mention that sturgeon grow very slowly in a natural environment. The first caviar can be produced only after 12-15 years.

Following a thorough selection process, we vacuumized caviar in glass jars to give our customers the chance to evaluate the size of the berries and the unique color of the product. Freshness and constancy of taste are ensured by the delicate use of refined salt (< 5%). The product can be secured for one year thanks to our vacuum packaging.

We offer three sizes: 30 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams. Many years of experience and world practice showed that 10 grams of black caviar is the minimum amount necessary for a memorable, one-time degustation. A single, 100-gram jar is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or family celebration for 5-10 persons. If you are a gourmet, whose heart yearns for a new adventure in the world of high-end delicacies, our 30-gram “mini” is ideal for your first impression of sturgeon caviar.